It’s hard to talk about writing without talking about those works that have influenced you. For me the pinnacle will always be To Kill A Mockingbird. I had the good fortune to read this in high school , instructed by a gifted teacher who brought the themes out in a relatable fashion without being heavy-handed. And then our teacher (dear Mr. Colton) did a brilliant thing; he rented the film  to cement the story in our young, impressionable minds. The film was a close and wonderful adaptation and it has since become my favorite film. So I can trace some of my writing back to this seminal novel. I have one book that has its own rift off of Boo Radley. So I bow in literary allegiance to Ms. Harper Lee for her extraordinary gift.

Others fiction favorites are Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon (an amazing novel that is a close cousin to TKAM), Peace Like A River by Leif Enger, the works of James Byron Huggins (faith-based action/adventure), pretty much anything by Ray Bradbury, David Morrell, Sigmund Brouwer, The Giving Tree and Curious George & his faithful overseer, The Man in the Yellow Hat, to name just a handful.

I’m a dusty old book store peruser from way back so when I first got a Kindle I was a little skeptical in just how much I’d actually use it. Well let me just say, that thing is on fire! I’m burning through books (with respects to Mr. Bradbury) at a rate that surprises me. So it’s been a wonderful vehicle to satisfy the yearning literary synapses.

And speaking of which…

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