To E or not to E. . .

So how many of you out there have Kindles, Nooks, I-Pads or Sony Readers? Do you use them a lot?

I’ve been a pretty die-hard fan of books and have hundreds around the house. One of my favorite things to do is to peruse dusty old bookstores. But I have to admit when I got a Kindle for Christmas last year, I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it.

Oh, baby.

I’m burning through E-Books. I’m a pretty tactile person so even I was caught off-guard by how much I’m enjoying my Kindle. Almost obsessively so. But I digress..

Of those of you who download books now, what kind of books are you reading? Do you try new authors? Is price an issue for you? Would you read someone you’d never heard of at a lower price than some of the more familiar authors? At $5.99? $2.99? $.99?

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on E-Books and if the coming E-Revolution has made its way into your reading lifestyle yet. 


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3 Responses to To E or not to E. . .

  1. Hi John! Sure do miss seeing you. But…I got a Kindle for my birthday this year and I LOVE it. LOVE!!! I never thought I would either but it’s great. I’ve actually tried some new authors that had some good reviews but only paid $2.99 or nothing to check them out. Once I find I like an author I am willing to spend $9.99 but prefer to not do that unless I have a gift card. =)

  2. Sandee Marvin says:

    Sorry John…. I’m still a die-hard hold the book reader. BUT…. having said that I might have to change my mind
    as holding a book is becoming harder and harder. I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome in my left
    hand (which is wierd since I am right handed) and that’s the hand I hold my books with (wow, just had an epiphany – maybe that’s the reason for carpel tunnel)…. Well, we just got an IPAD 2- can I used that for books? We’re still learning.

  3. Chuck says:

    Got an iPad a while ago but resisted it for reading because of my lifelong joy of books. I tried it out with Jonathan Frazen’s Freedom when released the first 25 pages for free. It had a button at the end of it to download the whole book for $12. I clicked it without blinking and have never gone back. Good novel, but, oh man, the ease and format of the iBooks thing blew me away. After those first few chapters, I no longer really noticed what I was reading the book on. Love that thing. Have everything with me so I can change my mind at the last minute for what I want to read. Just download Mark Twain’s Following The Equator (free). Downloaded a bunch of Donald Westlake pulp novels for $1.99 a piece.

    Amazing public domain stuff available for free download at

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