Best books so far in 2011. . .

I’ve read a fair amount already this year and hope to make my way through many more tomes before the end of the year. So many books so little time.

Here’s a list, by category, of the best books I’ve read so far:

Non-fiction – UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand. The remarkable and unforgettable story of Louis Zamparini and his quest for survival during WWII. It’s also a very moving story of transformation and a man coming to peace with himself and his world. Can’t recommend this highly enough.

Fiction – Aside from some short stories, I haven’t read any. Unless you count the revision of my middle grade novel, which I’m sure is a terrific read…

Biography – MY READING LIFE by Pat Conroy. This is a little book that talks of Conroy’s passionate love of books. But it’s also about his life and those adults and situations that intersected with these books that helped sculpt him. Conroy’s often accused of singing too verbosely with his language but I find him attractively transparent and always compelling.

Spiritual – SPIRITUAL RHYTHM: BEING WITH JESUS EVERY SEASON OF YOUR LIFE by Mark Buchanan. Beautifully written, insightful, convicting, and affirming. Buchanan always writes with a painter’s eye and well as a tender scalpel that cuts below the surface. He’s a pastor as well as a fellow pilgrim and he makes you want to journey with him in his relentless quest to live more intimately with the Lord Jesus.

Misc. – 75 YEARS OF DC COMICS: The Art of Modern Mythmaking. A huge, and I mean HUGE, book that is literally difficult to lift. I had to sit on the floor with it spread out before me to read it. It’s an incredible survey of comics from the beginning of the DC universe and before. Illustrated with rare covers, early sketches and full color glossys that could hang in any museum, this treasure trove of all things comics can be relished for years to come.

How ’bout You? What books have got you talking?

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One Response to Best books so far in 2011. . .

  1. Pam Ankrim says:

    Ernie and I both love the Conroy book!

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