Book ’em, Dano

What is it you look for when searching out a new read?

Whether perusing the aisles of your favorite bookstore or surfing across the universe of Amazon, what makes you stop and pick-up a book and give it a second thought?

Is it genre? Author? Intriguing descriptive copy? Cover? Do you read sample chapters on Amazon or thumb through a few pages in the aisle?

What is it for you that makes you linger over an unknown quantity and decide to take it home and fall into its pages?

I’m curious, for a variety of reasons. And if you could, relate a tale of picking up a book you’ve never heard of and finding out it was a hidden treasure.

Writerly minds want to know.


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One Response to Book ’em, Dano

  1. Sandee Marvin says:

    Is it genre? Author? Intriguing descriptive copy? Cover? Do you read sample chapters on Amazon or thumb through a few pages in the aisle?

    John… I use all of these. If I like an author and found he/she has written a series of books… I can’t wait to get the next book. When I started reading the “Left Behind” series I had a deal with my husband. I bought the new book the day it came out and sat down and read it cover to cover. Nothing else got done until I was through.

    I became a great fan of Janet Evanovich for her Stephanie Plum novels just for pure fun of reading. I also read all of the Clan of the Cave Bear Series. And then one of my favorites, the “Mitford” Series by Jan Karon… about an Episcopal Pastor who falls in love for the first time at age 60 and gets married.

    I like authors who can give me a well developed character or group of characters who are fun to follow through their lives. I have read all of these several times. I find a have a movie going on in my head and have usually cast everyone of the characters as if I were making a movie. It is very disheartening when some studio does by the book and either changes everything or their vision of the character is not the same as mine.

    I’ll be interested to read what other people have to say.

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