The Dinner Guest

Seeing as it is Easter week, I thought it would be appropriate to put up a short story that befits the season.

The Dinner Guest is a story I wrote many years ago. It retells the biblical story of Matthew the tax collector and of a particular dinner he held for Jesus (Matthew 9:10). Pretty remarkable since tax collectors in the day were considered a little lower than scum. But Matthew had been called by Jesus to follow Him and so he did.

I always wondered what it would have been like to be at Matthew’s (or Levi as he is also called) home where many of society’s ill-forgotten gathered. What would it have been like to be an outsider and to see Jesus for the first time? What would it have been like to actually steal a moment with him and pour out your heart?

And so, one early evening as the sun was setting outside my window, my pen took me back a couple thousand years and placed me in Matthew’s house with many wayward souls and one very special guest. And I’ll always be thankful I made the trip.

Here’s The Dinner Guest.

Happy Easter.

Dinner Guest



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